Shiner White Wing

From the great state of Texas comes a Belgian beer. I think I mentioned before that a friend of mine introduced me to Shiner, and I still have yet to really find out what he was going on about. I'm looking forward to this one, as it is pretty clearly outside Shiner's wheelhouse, so maybe they will show a spark of a miracle or something.

It's a hazy yellow-gold. The head runs away like a scared little boy on the playground when the bully takes his lunch money and pushes him to the ground with a haughty laugh and condescending snicker that makes the blood in the little boy's veins turn to ice. The aroma is orange peels and lemon wedges with coriander and some sugar sprinkled on wheat grass.

The first sip brings no hint of bullies on the playground. Instead, it brings oranges and straw. I can taste a bit of lemon in there with some grapes and other fruits. This is an odd mixture of fruits and grassy textures that I'm having a bit of a hard time reconciling.

Maybe a big swig will fix things...

Tip in is the orange again with a slight carbonation bite. The middle is more grains - the wheat and malt are coming out with a hit of carbonation to the back of the throat. The finish is a bit more harsh with the wheat and orange vying for dominance. All of the other flavors sit in the background admiring the front runners, but the fact is that the whole thing comes across as watery. It's an odd mixture, and they don't quite pull it off. I've had worse, but I've had lots that were better.



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