Scorned (2013)

Hell hath no fury like a writer who needs a paycheck and appears to have some leverage against a production company and forces them to produce a movie no matter what he cranks out and he also really hates the people who are making the movie and wants to waste their money along with the time of everyone who winds up watching the resulting movie. No, that's not a snappy saying, but it speaks truth.

AnnaLynne McCord - that's the name she's sticking with, damn it - is the pretty but all too skinny blonde nut job who is really, really into her boyfriend. He cheats on her with her best friend - classic, classic story, eh? At one point in the beginning of the movie, she and her boyfriend go to his lake house where she pops off her clothes, runs down to the lake, and then has sex with him. She asks if he still loves her even though she's crazy. I immediately thought, "The getting naked and having sex is the good kind of crazy. However, I suspect you have another kind of crazy in you that is decidedly less fun." She plays a pretty terrible character, and she doesn't do a very good job of it. She definitely reaches deep down to the secret pool of crazy that she has probably unsuccessfully hidden from several boyfriends in real life to bring some life to the character, but you can't overcome writing by adding genuine crazy.

Viva Bianca - I wonder what her porn name would be - plays the best friend who is a terrible friend and not particularly bright. As an actress, she demonstrates her willingness to really give her all to the character by not having the sense to avoid this movie in the first place. Like her character blindly stumbling into a trap set for her by AnnaLynne, she walked onto the set with a smile and a misplaced confidence that everything was going to work out well during this project.

And then we have the headliner, Billy Zane. Billy was so proud of this work that he is one of the three main characters in the movie, but his name isn't on the main page in IMDB. Check it out for yourself, his is the ONLY name that gets added to the bottom of the list when you click the "See full cast" link at the bottom. It is not entirely believable that the tiny woman could overpower Billy as many times as she would have to for this movie to play out. Billy doesn't really care much about acting at this point, and that is exactly what plays out on screen.

This is like a Lifetime movie gone more wrong than it would already have had to go wrong in order to be on Lifetime in the first place.

Directing was terrible
Effects were terrible
Acting was terrible
Story was cookie-cutter
Dialog was terrible



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