RoboCop 3 (1993)

It takes over 15 minutes for us to actually see RoboCop in this movie. Interestingly, the criminals sound just as happy to finally see him as the audience at a theater would probably have been. First actual word was five minutes later. And... it's not the same guy playing RoboCop. It is pretty clear right off the bat.

OCP has been purchased by a Japanese company, but there is still no shortage of slimy corporate officials who can't act to save their lives. You know, I say that, but Bradley Whitford and Rip Torn are in the movie, but they both do a terrible job. And I mean ... bad. I have to blame that on direction, as both actors have demonstrated at least some ability to act in other movies.

It's easy to tell the Security Concepts (rent-a-cops) guys from the "real" cops, as the regular police use the iconic Ford Taurus police cars that were picked for the original RoboCop for their futuristic look, while the Security Concepts guys drive fairly crappy Oldsmobile Cutlasses. Pretty much all the new props in this movie are pretty damn crappy.

When I start to look at special effects, I always turn to contemporary movies. 1993 brought us movies such as Army of Darkness, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Jurassic Park. Each and every one of those movies has special effects that left this thing in the dust. Hell, even RoboCop 2 left RoboCop 3 wanting. I mean, holy crap. At some point, you just need to give up on the franchise and leave it alone for a decade or so before you reboot it. When you have a science fiction movie, special effects are vital - and it's not like the story is going to carry this movie.

This is supposed to be the same RoboCop as before, but Robert John Burke takes over the title role. I'm not saying he can't act, but I will say that he didn't bother to act in this particular role. It's not like acting in the role is really all that hard, but it must not be rewarding, either. From what I can see of his CV, this was not the launchpad of his career that he may have thought it was going to be.

Nancy Allen reprises her role as RoboCop's sidekick/partner. It's a crappy role in a crappy movie, and I don't blame her for phoning it in. And phone it in she does.

I'd continue this review, but it's not worth your time to read it.

Directing was bad
Acting was bad
Story was bad
Effects were laughable
Dialog was bad



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