Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Think of the first movie as a setup. The fact is, I thought that the first movie seemed disjointed, and I was generally bored with the blandness because I couldn't get too into it. There was a lot going on, and explanations were few and far between. That's why I thought the movie was disjointed - stuff happened with no real rationale beyond something along the lines of, "Scary! Scary stuff is happening!"

Well, Chapter 2 answers the questions. One of the annoying things about movies that claim that there is a place that you go to where time has no meaning (I'm looking at you, Star Trek Generations' Nexus) generally use it as a plot device for time travel rather than actually having a non-linear view of time. In the first movie, they didn't even use it for time travel. The throw-away line that time had no meaning actually had no meaning itself. Chapter 2 actually uses this non-linearity in a useful and intriguing way. Also, something insidious actually kind of happens in this one! I know, right? How novel!

We get the cast back from the first movie. It's unusual to get everyone from the first movie for the second movie when it is a relatively low budget horror film, but pretty much everyone of note comes back. it's possible the kids have been swapped out, but they were not a big part of the first movie (aside from the one kid who just laid there most of the time). Even those that may not have survived the first movie get to come back (this is a movie about ghosts. If you can't figure out how they come back, you need to think harder.

So, this is a movie that starts off before the first movie, but it's not a prequel. In fact, if you haven't recently seen the first movie, you might not even understand where the second movie picks up. If you never saw the first movie, turn back now - the future is no place for your kind! Are they gone? Okay, so the odd things that had not a single explanation in the first movie - stuff you may have dismissed as normal poltergeist stuff - works its way out in this one. They set it up for a Chapter 3, and I understand that it's in production, but I won't comment about who may not be in it.

It's surprising to me when the sequel to a movie is better than the original, and this is one of those times.

Directing was good
Story was very good
Acting was very good
Cinematography was okay



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