New Belgium Accumulation White India Pale Ale Winter Seasonal

So, New Belgium has been pretty consistent. The first beer of theirs I tried was not good. The second was slightly better than average, but only slightly. The third was dead center in the scale. Hopefully, even though all of their labels are complete crap (seriously, get a new label designer), the beers will get better.

A hazy yellow beer has a sticky head that leaves LOADS of lacing along the sides as it goes down. It's lumpy across the top, and that makes it look... pretty good, actually. The aroma is Hops and flowers. Well, more hops than flowers. Really, pretty much hops. It's not shocking that an IPA is filled with hops, but the dour label wouldn't normally make me think that they were going to bring decent hops.

A sip brings hops, but the hops are almost geriatric. I have no idea where they got them, but they really seem like they were old and dusty when they tried to make beer out of them. The bitterness is there as well, and it's not nice, but it's also like the hops are half-hearted in their bitterness.

A proper, manly swig reveals a tip-in of hoppy bitterness followed by a floral ick. The finish brings a carbonation wave across the mouth and a dry flour bitterness with a slight sweetness on the lips.

This is a disappointment. Previous New Belgium beers were pretty much middle of the road, and this one fits in. I'm thinking about just not trying any of their other beers. I don't really need to waste time and money on beer that isn't going to be better than average.



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