Jimmy P. (2013)

Benicio del Toro is definitely my favorite del Toro. I remember seeing him the first time in The Usual Suspects, and he was fantastic. I have seen him in other movies (like The Way of the Gun) where he also did a wonderful job. In this movie, he does a good job.

He plays a Native American who has been having problems ever since his head injury in an accident during WW2. He has headaches, he goes blind, he gets dizzy, etc. His sister helps him get into a specialty hospital where he can get a full neurological workup and - hopefully - the help he needs. A physical issue is ruled out quickly, and the attending physicians take the unorthodox step of calling in an anthropologist who can better understand how his past as an Indian (Native American) might have contributed to the headaches.

The visiting doctor, played by Mathieu Amalric, has experience with some other tribes, but this is his first experience with a Blackfoot. Unlike some of the other people Benicio has to deal with, this anthropologist doesn't enter the treatment with preconceived ideas about Indians and the associated bigotry. Mathieu does a very good job with his role, even though the subject matter and his character's own circumstances kind of make the audience cringe at times. 

One of the more distracting things is the way Benicio has decided to play the Native American. His inflection is a bit off, and his diction is very deliberate. In retrospect, I have heard many Indians speak like this on film, and it never seemed to bother me before, but here it is unexpected and kind of takes away from the power of the story and the lines being spoken.

I'm not sure that anything really gets resolved, and I'm unclear why the anthropologist would wind up being the guy to give psychotherapy to the patient, as he is not a medical doctor, and he is not actually employed by the hospital. He does, however, know quite a bit of Freud and consequently takes Benicio through a journey of his own life. They talk about all of his past loves, his childhood, and his own daughter.

Directing was good
Acting was excellent
Story could have used a bit of help
Pacing was slow



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