Harp Lager

Harp is brought to us by the makers of Guinness. No, not the actual makers of Guinness - at least not anymore. More like the makers of Guinness Extra Stout, which kind of sucks. Guinness of Canada is like the incredibly stupid stepchild of Guinness, but at least they didn't start off by putting a widget in a bottle to make the best Guinness Draught and then get rid of it afterward for no damn good reason.

The color is a solid gold. The head is sticky and lumpy, but it's not thick. The aroma is malty and has lots of floral scent added. Yes, I have had this beer before, and it is like greeting an old friend. The aroma doesn't drift all that well, but that's not particularly odd for a lager.

First sip is that memorable floral and sweet malt taste, but there is something a little different from the last time I had it. Maybe I'm psyching myself out, but I think I can actually taste the difference between the Canadian Harp and the Irish Harp. Time to make sure with a proper Irish swig.

Tip-in is light floral taste with carbonation bite. The middle brings a gentle malt with continuing floral notes. Right as the finish takes hold, the carbonation bites again, and then the sweetness of the malt becomes almost caramel as the sweet almost becomes sugar on the lips and the tongue.

It's a decent lager, but I wouldn't say it has a lot to make it stand out. It's a shame, too, as Harp is one of the most storied beers to come out of Ireland (and now Canada). I remembered this being better, but it's not bad.



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