Green Man Porter

I'm not going to keep boring people with my idea of a porter. I like beer, porter is a good style, and I like it. However, some are much better than others. I try as many different beers as I can, and I want to find better and better beers.

This one is a dark beer, and that is completely typical of a good porter. The head is fairly thick. It dissipates faster than I expected, but a decent amount sticks to the sides. The aroma is heavy, smoky malt - that's unusual for an ale, but normal for a porter.

A sip reveals a great taste. The malt is very smoky (almost burnt) and there is some bitter chocolate that rounds it out. It is very simple for a porter, but it works very well as a sip. I can only expect that a proper swig is going to bring even better tastiness.

Tip-in is smoky and spiky from the carbonation. The malt lends a bit of coffee and chocolate to the mix, but not a whole lot. The middle is smooth. It's not milky like a Guinness, but it's definitely a little creamy. The finish Starts at the tip of the tongue with bitterness, and it works its way back. A trailing smoky texture follows shortly, and a hint of sweetness is left on the lips. The whole experience is very, very smoky.

It's a good example of a porter.



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