Foothills Brewing Hoppyum IPA

Another beer from the brother who clearly knows what I like. So, I will not explain the nose and eyes on the bottle again. This beer is called Hoppyum IPA - and it purports to have four different kinds of hops in it. I'm a fan of hops when they're done right, and I have a good feeling about this one.

The very sticky head is thick at pour time, and it leaves a blanket on top of the beer. The color is a rich copper, and it has an aroma that absolutely reeks of hops. I can smell it from my chair, and that is a very good sign. I tried to smell something else in the beer, but nothing will penetrate that lovely bouquet of hoppy goodness.

First sip is watery at the beginning and a hammer of hops at the end. This is clearly not a beer for sipping. The beginning tastes a bit grassy and may have a bit of lemon in it, but all of that goes away when the hops reveal their bitter head.

A big gulp amplifies the good in the beer. The watery tip-in is laced with the lemon, and then the middle gets very dry. It's almost heavy with malt, but the fringes are tingly with carbonation and bitterness. There's a hint of caramel just before the finish, and the finish piles on the bitter hops. It stays on the tongue after the beverage is gone and turns sour with a sting. The finish needs some serious work.

All told, it's a good effort, but it isn't very refined. The hops need to come on more moderately and the malt shouldn't be separated from it. The result is that the malt doesn't do its job of cutting the bitterness, it just holds back the flood until the dam bursts.



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