RED 2 (2013)

Let's not beat around the bush. This movie isn't as good as the first one. It's still a decent popcorn movie, but it lacks much of what made the first one good.

All the effects are still there, although it looks like the spent less money on them. There weren't as many slow-mo blowing up, flying things through this movie, and that was really what made the last movie enjoyable. The wanton destruction and big ol' explosions are really what draws the crowd (aside from the big names in the movie).

Speaking of big names, we get introduced to the crazy professor in this one. He is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, who does a completely expected amazing job with the character.  There are two others who are introduced in this movie. We meet Catherine Zeta-Jones as The one that got away from Bruce Willis. And we also get the guy who played StormShadow in GI Joe as the "world's greatest assassin."

Malkovich is back with his cute character, but he seems more formulaic this time. I'm not sure why, but his little quips elicit less snickering. Meanwhile, the woman who plays Burce's girlfriend gets WAY more annoying. And it's not her character's fault, either. She is just playing the woman that much more annoying that it overwhelms the other actors on the screen. 

So, we are left with another popcorn movie that needs more butter. The problem is that they are using that crappy fake butter that doesn't fool anyone and only gets worse as you use more. The acting is just plain bland from most of the cast, and the action isn't really all that compelling. This will never be in the running for an academy award, that's for dang sure. 

Acting was borderline
Directing was mediocre
FX were pretty good
Story was bland
Editing was okay



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