Mike's Hard Smashed Apple Cider

I recently had a very good cider. I am wondering what the odds are of me running into another one. Mike's just shoved a crappy beverage into my glass, and I really hope that was an anomaly. I'm not sure what to make of the idea that this is a smashed apple cider as opposed to a regular one.

It looks like apple juice from Juicey Juice, just like all the other ciders have so far. When I say it has only the faintest whiff of apple aroma to it, I'm unusually not sarcastic about it. I really expected more of a smell to come off of this, but I am putting my nose right down to the top of the beverage, and I'm only catching the slightest bit of apple.

First sip is similar to others with its apple+alcohol=drink equation. It has more of the alcohol tang to it than most of the others. It also has more of a carbonation feel than the others with less of a green apple and more of a red apple taste. It's definitely different than the others, but it's not wildly different.

A big swig shifts the gear pretty dramatically. Tip-in is the usual apple and carbonation, and the middle gets damn good. It flows with a sweet Washington Apple that is very pleasing. It's a very nice apple juice with a hint of kick around the edges. As the center trails off, the finish starts with a bit of tartness and another wave of carbonation. As the tart reaches its peak, it is just shy of too much. Then it abates with another cooling down of sweetness.

I really liked this. I liked it better than Strongbow. I like it better than a lot of beers I've had lately.



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