The To Do List (2013)

I like Aubrey Plaza. From her quirky character on Parks and Recreation to her somewhat distressing TV interviews, she shows a certain disrespect for authority and wanton disregard for convention that I find endearing.

It seems, however, that this character is the only one she knows how to play. The character in this movie is a snarky young woman who ignores convention and treats her parents as if they are her peers. It would be nice to see her stretch her acting legs a little, but maybe they are already stretched - I don't know.

So, the movie is a coming of age movie where a girl graduating high school studiously makes a list of sexual things that she has to do before she goes away to college. She then goes about attacking that list, even though she has very little understanding of what any of the terms or experiences actually mean. It's actually harder to believe that a studious high schooler wouldn't know how to find out what the terms mean then it is to believe that Aubrey Plaza is a high schooler.

Joining her in this movie are the people at the swimming pool where she works as a life guard and her girlfriends. I'd go into them, but the whole thing was kind of pointless. It's a comedy that has a few chuckle moments at best, but it really isn't even worth the rental. I suspect the allure of seeing sexual things on screen will attract the desired demographic, but even they will be bored by the whole experience.



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