Dos Equis XX Lager Especial

Third in my series of Mexican beers, I have higher hopes for this than the others. Tecate, I'm sure you know, is the Mexican equivalent of Budweiser, and it sucked. Sol was better, but not great. I'm not even sure I would recommend it to anyone outside of a Mexican restaurant where your options are severely limited. Dos Equis is a more popular beer in the US, and you can often find it in non-Mexican bars, so it should really be better than the others.

It's crystal clear with a pale yellow hue. The head is not generous, and it goes away very quickly. What remains is a slight stain on top with the usual line around the glass. The aroma is faint, but I detect grains, a bit of bread, and some sweet malt. It's actually looking pretty good so far.

First sip is not terrible, but not the best. It hits with sweet through the whole thing, a bit of dinner roll toward the end, and a hit of carbonation acid right at the finish. That finish is probably what I find so off-putting. I didn't taste any of the grain asserting itself, but maybe that will resolve itself with a more manly swig.

Why not bring one to the show? So, a big swig.

Well, it didn't get rid of anything - it rarely does. Instead, it accentuates what is already there. The tip-in has a lacing of carbonation bite along with the sweet malt and a slight hint of citrus. Right in the middle, it gets watery and loses the sweet taste. Again, the rolls hit right toward the end (right before the finish) and then the finish brings the harsh carbonation icky.

Honestly, my description is probably not doing it any favors. It's not THAT bad, but its components are pretty bad.



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