Bard's Original Sorghum Malt Beer

I got another six pack of assorted beers from my local distributor. It seems their methodology for selecting beers that are prime for this packaging is whatever hasn't sold or is missing a label for some reason. As a result, I already had to pour two beers out that were clearly skunked. WHY won't beer makers put dates on their damn labels?

It's a very clear, yellow-brown beverage. Bubbles fear the top of this beer, so only a few stay on top. I've had a sorghum before, and the smell is familiar, but that beer was gluten-free, so it had a lot going against it from the start. I'd say the aroma has malt with a bit of hops, pine, and lemon with that queer sour sorghum twist.

First sip, and it's pretty clear I don't like sorghum. There is a sweet taste on the front end followed by a tart fruit followed by some grains. The finish is strangely wine-like. I'm not a wine drinker, but I remember this taste from wine as well as pure grape juice. It's not entirely nice.

A proper man-sized drink improves things a little. Tip-in has a carbonation acid on the tongue with a tiny bit of sweet that turns into a slice of apricot bread for the middle, and that lasts a long time. When you start the finish, it turns very tart and follows with a minuscule bit of the aforementioned grape aftertaste.

All told, it's just not a great beverage. I'm probably going to avoid sorghum beers in the future, and that's a shame, as it is possible I've just had a couple of duds. Who knows, it is just possible that the distributor let this sit on the shelf too long, and this is what sorghum tastes like when it goes bad.



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