This Is the End (2013)

This was a surprisingly enjoyable movie. I think most of the guys here lead to a mixed bag of good and bad. Some - Jonah Hill - are the blind squirrel who doesn't know what a nut smells like.

All of the stars play characterized versions of themselves. They all drink a lot, smoke weed constantly, and are inarguably narcissistic. The premise is that Jay Baruchel comes to visit his friend, Seth Rogan in LA, and they eventually go to James Franco's new house to party. It just so happens that the world ends while the party is going on.

While the movie is enjoyable, there are aspects that are frustratingly annoying. This whole movie is supposed to be an indictment of celebrities and their masturbatory lifestyles, but these very celebrities are simply exaggerated versions of themselves. As such, they are, in fact, the very people they are making fun of. The self-aware humor is less funny when you think about the fact that all of these people are repulsive humans.

It makes you wonder how they got Emma Thompson for the day of shooting that it must have taken for her part. I assume the money was good, and she happened to be in the area during filming, but I can't be sure.she seems distinctly out of place in this movie, and it's probably best that she doesn't stay too long.

So, the interactions between the actors is really where the fun is. Danny McBride isn't funny in his characters, and he pretty much plays the same character in this movie. I don't know if it is supposed to be a caricature of himself or if it is supposed to be a play on the characters that he plays, but he just needs to stop. He's not funny, and that should be the end of it. But, the hatred everyone has for him is pretty funny. The hatred Jay has for Jonah is also entertaining.

It's an entertaining movie with some decent laughs and some pretty miserable special effects.

The direction was good.
Acting was generally okay.
Dialogue was pretty funny.
Story was simple and laughable.
Special effects were good enough.



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