Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager

Shockingly, this is the first Sierra Nevada beer I've reviewed on this site. More shockingly - possibly - is that this beer is not brewed in Nevada. Instead, it's brewed in California where one of my favorites, Lagunitas IPA, is brewed. I can hope that some morphic resonance happens to allow this lager to gain some of the wonder that is locked up in that Lagiunitas.

The color is clear and pretty much pee colored yellow. I could say something about straw or something, but you can see the picture, and that is what urine looks like if you haven't gotten enough to drink. Honestly, if your pee is that yellow, you should probably up your water intake. The aroma is stiff. It is floral and citrus; I'm not smelling any hops or even malt.

First sip is floral, but that is tempered enough by the citrus (or maybe apple) combined with the very mild malt. If there are hops hiding in there, they are more successful at hiding than I am at searching for them. The whole drink is very crisp, as you would expect a summer lager to be. A bigger swig should reveal the true character. No, I'm going to try something different this time.

I have some fairly tasty beef jerky here, and I'm going to try the beer with the jerky. Why? It's my blog - stop asking invasive questions. Okay, with the slightly spicy, very salty jerky having significantly impacted my buds, I try the beer again. It doesn't stand up to the taste of the food, but few beverages could. It does manage to compliment the food pretty well. I could see sitting on the deck, drinking this beer and chomping on some chips while chatting with friends.

It's not the greatest summer lager I've had, but it's not a bad beer at all.



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