Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Brown Nut Ale

I'm in the South, so I have looked for Southern beers. Honestly, the biggest problem I've had thus far is finding a good beer distributor. Back in the North, I had access to a distributor that essentially took up the entire basement of a mall. When they were no more, I found another guy who would order off-the-wall beers just for me.

This beer hails from Mississippi's Brewery, and I sincerely hope - for Mississippi's sake - that the state has more than one brewery, and this one is just being a little dramatic with their name. Their lengthy statement on the side of the bottle proclaims that they have the best water for this beer - and I'm not in a position to judge one way or the other, even after drinking the beer, I'm sure.

The color is a reddish, lite brown and it comes with a head that dissipates to a very thin skin across the top of the drink. The aroma is expectedly nutty with some sweet, smokey malt and maybe a hint of toffee or caramel.

First sip, and it is very agreeable. It's sweet and nutty as I suspected from the aroma. It's a nice sensation, and it remains sweet on the tongue for the finish. It is a good beer on its own, but I suspect it might be even better with some food.

A big swig is called for now. The beginning has a slight nutty taste with a bit of caramel, and then it fades into a mild kind of malty swoosh through the mouth that ends with an abrupt sweet, smokey finish. It's actually a very good sensation. It was good as a sip, but I think it's better as a manly swig. It's actually still pretty good as it warms up - possibly getting better.



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