Empire State (2013)

You take Eric Roberts' daughter and Chris Hemsworth's brother - add a full flavor and shaven-headed Rock, and you wind up with this movie. It's not brilliant casting for a Real Crime Drama, but here we have what we have. The story they picked is a real story about the robbery of an armored car company.

The Rock exists here as the tough cop who is trying to track down the baddies. Pretty much what you'd expect, and he leers quite a bit. He has a box to stay in with his character, and it's not like he has a very wide range in the first place, so there really isn't much he can do one way or the other.

So, the story revolves around a kid who gets hired by the armored car company, and he subsequently discovers that the security for the company is terribly run and has some of the worst security you can imagine. He expresses his dismay to a close friend, and bad people start to pressure him into helping them rob the place. At the same time, there is a group of other criminals who have the same plan. If they'd made this a comedy, hilarity would have ensued, but they were really trying to make this a serious movie.

All told, the story is interesting enough, but the direction they went with trying to make this a serious movie based on a real event is undermined by the amount of bumbling going on and the stylized personalities involved. This really should have been a comedy, and the movie suffers for the seriousness involved. 

Directing was okay. 
Acting was generally passable. 
Dialogue was pretty bad. 
Editing was good. 



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