New Belgium Rolle Bolle

This is a summer seasonal ale. As with other New Belgium beers, this suffers from a pretty terribly designed and executed label. It makes me think of an old picture that you'd see on a grandparent's wall with a yellowing Plexiglas protection in front of it. The beer itself will contain soursop and monkfruit. I have no idea what those two things taste like, but I hope it's good and can compliment the hops that I also hope to find in this bottle.

The color is strikingly yellow. It's almost as if they found a light beer and added yellow food coloring to get the right amount of yellow. The head has big bubbles that dissipate to a good covering that is especially heavy at the rim. Steepling happens all around the glass, and it's quite attractive. The aroma is slightly hoppy and fruity. More fruity than anything.

First sip has a bit of a carbonation bite at the beginning followed by fruitiness and a bit of hops. the whole taste is not overwhelming, and I was really expecting it to be too much for this beer. That's not to say that it doesn't have a taste, it's taste is just more mild than anticipated. The finish is almost non-existent.

Maybe if I take a big swig...

Honestly, it's more of the same. The middle breaks into a bit of bread and grains, but the overall effect is pretty much the same. The fruity/citrus flavor dominates the beverage. The taste is good, but remains very mild. It's certainly not the worst beer ever, but it doesn't resonate with a distinct character. Maybe the next New Belgium beer will bring something special.



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