Blackstone APA

This is a beverage from my adopted home, Nashville, TN. I've had another Blackstone beer during the very, very early phase of this site, and I fond it to be kind of bland. I was not nearly as verbose in those old reviews, so the most I can say is that it was dull. Not all APAs have to be dull, and some are highly drinkable.

She's a hazy, light gold color with a head that dissipates to a thin veneer of bubbles strung across the top. They subsequently grip the sides with an impressive tenacity and then steeple down with the beverage as it recedes. The aroma is appropriately hoppy. I'm getting a hint of citrus, but I can't smell the malt. In an APA, the malt is supposed to be a bit stronger than in an IPA, so that is slightly concerning.

First sip is that of a watered down IPA. It tastes really weak, and even the hops aren't coming out that strong. It just doesn't have the kick of flavor that I'm used to tasting with a good APA. This definitely wouldn't stand up to any kind of significant food, and it really seems like it doesn't stand up for itself at all.

A bigger draught is more of the same. Much more. I could see an argument being made for this as a beer to pound a few of, and I can't argue against it. This would probably be a good replacement for Bud or Coors as a beer just to kick back and mindlessly guzzle, but they aren't charging Bud prices, are they? The taste in essence is a hideously watered down APA - hops spiked with malt with a hint of citrus.

I expected too much from the beverage. Being a local beer that the local Nashvillians rave about, I anticipated a great, sweeping victory. What I got was uninspired. It's certainly not a terrible beverage, but it's not the great beverage that it could have been.



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