Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale

To say that I'm looking forward to this is an understatement. The previous Lagunitas beer was fantastic, and I can only hope that there is a trend happening.

The head is a thick, creamy mass of beautiful wonder. Just looking at that frosty goodness is making me want to drink it to the bottom. It dissipates to clumps that wallow around on the top like icebergs of foam looking for a ship of tastebuds to wander into its path for a good sinking. The color is a pale gold, and the aroma is all about the hops. It's not overwhelming, though, as it can't be smelled from the other side of the room, as I am accustomed to.

First sip is hoppy. It's very hoppy. There may be malt or something in here somewhere, but I'm not tasting it much. I guess the finish isn't as harsh as it would be if there were actually nothing but hops, but the malt isn't doing a whole heck of a lot to cut anything. Still, it's not as bitter as you might expect. So, I guess the other ingredients are there to simply restrain the hops from dancing about on your tastebuds with a glee and abandon seldom seen this side of Heady Topper. The bitterness hits right from the start, but something is doing a pretty good job of holding it back from continuing to assault the tongue.

With a big swig, everything comes into focus. The drink is actually sweet right in the middle of the draught, and it bites at the end, but it's not unpleasant. Right as the lips lift from the glass is when the bitterness hits, but it doesn't stay that hard for long. The overall enjoyment of the beverage is a bit lessened by the harshness of the hops, and it is unlike the other Lagunitas beer in that respect. Still, not the worst beer I've had this week. In fact, I may have another.



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