6 Souls (2010)

So, this is ostensibly about a person with multiple personality syndrome. Julianne Moore plays a psychologist who is the daughter of another psychologist played by Jeffrey DeMunn. The father brings Julianne in to talk to this guy and to disprove her theory that multiple personality disorder doesn't exist. her theory, thus far in this reality, has taken such a strong foothold that she was able to get it declassified as a psychiatric condition.

We learn of the issues between her and her father, and we then figure out that this multiple personality guy seems to be genuine. Or is he?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the man with mental issues, and he does a very good job. Usually, the multiple person acting goes too far one way or the other - they either try too hard to differentiate between the people they are supposed to be or they simply don't have the range to make it work. Usually, it's over the top. The problem with over the top is that the personalities are way too differentiated for people who are supposed to have similar backgrounds or be from the same general area.

Julianne, for her part, does an okay job with her role. The past few movies I've seen with her in them are a bit odd in that she plays pretty much the same character with the same attitude every time. Is it type casting, or does she just play herself in every role? Well, the slightly bitchy smarter-than-thou character that she loves is suited to this movie, so I guess all is well on that front.

The movie poster claims that this is from the producers of The Ring, and the movie itself is titled 6 Souls. It's not a stretch to figure out that these multiple personalities are, in fact, six different people who are being channeled through this guy. So, the mystery is why they are being channeled and what they are trying to tell our hero. I guess the bigger mystery is why we would care so much.

Actually, it's not a horrible movie in a Movie of the Week kind of way. It's nothing you should really go too far out of your way to watch.

Cinematography was fine.
Directing was okay.
Art direction was questionable - it was way too dark most of the time.
Editing was a bit overly dramatic. Yes, I said the editing was too dramatic.
Acting was very good for the most part.
Story was meh.
Dialogue was not along the lines of witty banter.



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