Trance (2013)

Ever watch a movie and then think to yourself, "What the hell did I just watch?"
Well, it happened to me.

This movie is a psychological thriller more than anything. The problem is that it is too complicated for its own good. It reminds me of the way that Inception broke new ground by having an intricate plot. I could follow Inception, and I understood the different layers that they were going through. Some of their time sequences made no sense, and the gravity was more pliable than it should have been, but okay. This one wasn't engaging enough to let me follow it. I know the intent was to "keep them guessing" the whole way through, but you need to have some rooted reality to work with in the first place.

James McAvoy is the main character, and his acting is pretty good. He stars opposite Rosario Dawson who unveils herself at one point with full frontal nudity. Aside from the fantastic job of acting she does in this, her body is similarly award-worthy. Vincent Cassel is also here, and he doesn't have much of a part to deal with in the first place, so he's all but a non-entity.

The story centers around Rosario and her ability to make pretty much anyone see pretty much anything pretty mush anytime she wants them to. This sin't supposed to be a supernatural movie, but there's no good way to describe her powers other than "magic." I mean, she says two freaking words, and people get transported to another level of consciousness - it's nuts. It's totally unbelievable. And it is integral to the storyline, so you have to suspend your disbelief.

The acting was good.
The direction was okay.
The storyline was bad.
The dialogue was not great.
The editing was not great.
Special effects were good - what there were of them.
The movie was moderate.



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