Meeting Evil (2012)

The lost Wilson brother (Luke Wilson) tries for another break-out hit. Remember his bit part in 3:10 to Yuma? How about Idiocracy? Yeah, I know it was a one-joke movie that ran WAY too long, but it was a big hit, wasn't it? Well, I guess not. But it might have been - in some alternate reality. Maybe one where people get dumber and dumber and eventually elect a professional wrestler as president.

So, his co-star is a guy named Samuel L. Jackson. I don't think I have to list the hits that he has been in, but he's definitely the acting talent in this movie. That said, I once had a conversation with a friend, and we agreed that Nicholas Cage and John Travolta have only the one crazy character, and they try to fit it in whenever they can. Sam has one menacing, care-free killer character at this point, and this is it. It's the same one we glimpsed in Lakeview Terrace.

Ever see a movie where 90% of the people involved are doing crazy-ass nutty things that make no sense and are against everything normal people do? How about one where the remaining 10% are normal people who just make very bad decisions? Well, this is the movie that combines the two.

Luke is a man down on his luck when a guy who turns out to know too much, stands too close, and speaks too familiarly shows up to start wreaking havoc with his seemingly perfect (although secretly dreadful) life. cutting people, stabbing, shooting, hitting, running them over... these two friends have a wonderful time together that at least one of them enjoys.

The movie tries too hard to be menacing. It tries too hard to have Luke be the everyman. It tries too hard to have Sam be all-powerful for no reason whatsoever.

Not the worst movie ever, but barely worth the rental.



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