The Company You Keep (2012)

I will admit it: I thought the 76-year-old Robert Redford was dead. He looks like he's on death's door, so I would think you could cut me a little slack for that. I'll tell you who isn't dead: Shia LaBeouf, much to my chagrin.

Also showing up in this film are Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, and Susan Sarandon. So, the cast is a mix of some good and some bad, but mostly good. Definitely quite a bit of old going on here, and that serves the storyline well. It does not make for much action when a majority of the cast is in danger of breaking a hip at any point.

The story is about a group of people who were militant anti-war protesters who are being hunted down by the FBI now that they are septuagenarians. Added to the mix is the intrepid reporter who is trying to find out the truth because... yeah, journalism actually still exists, but it's only in movies now.

Through a complicated series of circumstances, we follow Robert Redford as he strives to clear his name for the sake of his daughter who is way too young to actually be his daughter. Really, I don't think the fear of him getting caught means all that much to us, the audience. I mean, the guy is a hundred years old, has been practicing as a lawyer, and they really have no evidence against him.

The only angle that kind of makes you worry is that his daughter needs taken care o... oh wait! She has a large amount of money that he squirreled away for her, her uncle is perfectly capable and willing to take care of her, and - again - there is no significant evidence against him at all. So, I guess this all makes it a thriller without the thrill.

The storyline was okay, but not riveting.
The dialogue was decent, but predictable.
The acting was pretty good.
The cinematography was good.
The direction was adequate.
The editing was good.



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