The Big Hit (1998)

Zounds! Were late 90's movies really this bad? It could easily have been filmed in the 80's as far as I can tell, if it weren't for the fact that Marky Mark would still have been with The Funky Bunch. I mean, I just do NOT understand this movie's timeframe. It was released the year after Boogie Nights and the year before Three Kings, yet the hair, clothes, special effects, acting, and pretty much everything else just screams 80's movie. At one point, there is a scene in a video store. A VIDEO STORE; WHERE THEY RENT VIDEOTAPES.

The movie is one of those action-comedy movies where they don't take the action seriously, but the comedy isn't good enough to stand on its own. The problem is that most of this movie isn't capable of standing up on its own. Really, the only thing that stands alone in this movie is Mark Wahlberg's hair, and it is almost scary to look at.

It becomes evident when you see the acting prowess demonstrated by Mark, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Christina Applegate that this movie is not about the craft of acting. It's also not a demonstration of good writing. Nor is it a treatise on direction, music, camerawork, or pretty much movie making in general.

Yes, before you ask, this was a Netflix recommendation. I have no idea why they thought this would be a good movie for me, but whenever they come to a recommendation, they are pretty bad - just like this movie. I know Netflix is proud of their recommendation engine, but I have no idea why.

Speaking of giant questions: I have one. I understand how Uwe Boll makes movies. He exploited a hole in the system to get complete crap movies funded no matter if they were going to make money or not. This movie had to follow the same path. I mean, if you were going to hold up a movie and say, "This has a bunch of recognizable actors playing stupid roles with no effort or desire to do well. It also has writing that would not work in a comic book. It should never have been made." I would suggest you be holding up this movie.



  1. And yet you still haven't watched Romper Stomper or Doctor Who. It's like you intend to only view crap.

  2. In the midst of the Doctor. Romper Stomper is in, and I'm waiting for a free night.
    Geeze. Never thought I would have to defend my viewing habits so forcefully.


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