Ninkasi Total Domination IPA

Another beverage from my brother in Eugene, OR. So, Ninkasi is an ancient Sumarian goddess of fermentation. I would question how many natives of Eugene are originally from Sumaria, but I'm pretty sure that would be missing the point. Actually, it's not clear what the point is, but I have four of these big bottles to tear through, and I want to enjoy them as much as I can. Fortunately, I've already had one of the Ninkasi beers, and it was pretty good.

It's another cloudy beer with a dark straw color and a sharp hop aroma. And this sucker is sharp. I can almost taste the bitterness on my tongue just from taking a sniff. The head is generally thin and dissipates rapidly leaving a thin veneer of bubbles that grips the sides and steeples as you drink. The aroma is a good one, and it reaches my nose from the table beside my chair with a beckoning I cannot ignore. 

First sip, then. A bit of citrus followed by a kind of mahogany caramel. Then, the malt gives way to the hops, and they aren't as severe as I had thought they would be. They are pleasantly muted while conveying a good sense of flavor. The finish brings some of the bitterness that I had expected from the hops, but its still nothing like what the aroma had led me to expect. They used a complex series of hops to get this flavor, and first sip would suggest that it was worth the effort.

Time to go for a full gulp. It's a bit amplified when you drink in a proper draught. Still, it's a pretty good beer. I let it warm up a bit, and that was a mistake. It's definitely better cold. I wonder if it might have been even better if I hadn't let it settle before diving in. Well, damn. I only have the one.



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