Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA

Okay, I gave Blue Moon a hard time for the lengthy name of their beers. This one is similarly significant. Based solely on the label, it appears to be Magic Hat Brewing Company's IPA On Tour Ale of Enlightenment Limited Engagement Blind Faith. That mouthful definitely rivals Blue Moon's nomenclature.

The beer pours a cloudy copper with a good head. The head reduced to a ring, but it grips the sides of the glass with the fury of a fat guy clutching at a plate of wings. The aroma has a lot of hops with a bit of malt and maybe soured lemon?

First sip - I think you need to have blind faith to jump into this one. The sip was not great. It's got an odd taste to it; whatever it is that gives it that soured lemon (no, not tart, but like the lemon is off) smell is doing something to the taste. There's an added kind of metallic taste as if the beer was from a can, and then there is like gardenia or something unsettling. I used to think I liked Magic Hat beers.

I'm going to demonstrate blind faith by taking a big swig in the hopes that the taste gets better. And... nope. It's just plain odd. I'm not enjoying this at all, and I really expected to crack open a good ale and kick back. I mean, I skipped the other Magic Hat that I had in the sampler pack in favor of this one. Honestly, after some of the others that were in this sampler, I don't have any hope for the last beer.

From here on out, I'll likely avoid Magic Hat beers. I'll try to just remember them through the haze of remembering what they tasted like at the brewery.



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