Cammo's Well-Made Tripel

Cammo is an awesome dude. He takes forever to come out with a beverage, but he pours his heart into it. Not literally, mind you. Really, not particularly figuratively. I mean, if his heart was in it, he would come out with a beer more frequently. I guess that's what the definition of a hobby is - something you do in your spare time, and I am lucky he likes this hobby. This one is a Tripel. It is supposed to be one of the strongest types of ale, and I have confidence that Cammo adhered to the archetype closely.

It isn't as carbonated as the previous Cammo beverages. I mean, I think I almost got killed when I took the tethered cap off of the Watermelon Brew. The head is thick straight from the pour, but it dissipates very quickly. It doesn't leave much more than the ring around the edge for the rest of the drinking. It's a cloudy light iced tea color. The aroma is interesting. I'd say it was malt that was giving it a sweet, floral aroma. Didn't smell like the hops I'm used to smelling.

Cam said to drink it cold, so I'm not wasting more time. First sip is interesting. It's a sweet beer with a heavy floral and spice taste. Cammo said that it has a high alcohol content, and I can believe it. I can taste the alcohol in there, and it's not unpleasant. Normally, a high alcohol beer tends to be taken over by the taste of the alcohol, and there isn't much left other than a vestigial hop bite. Not the case here.

I'm going to a nice gulp. It's a strong taste. The alcohol is more pronounced when you swig it, and there's something missing in the middle of the drink. It's all jagged shards of spice and malt embedded in a baseball bat of alcohol. I'm not against high alcohol beers, but there needs to be more. This is a better beer to sip than to chug, but the warning that it is better cold means I will have to sip quickly - and the best way to do that is to chug, so I'll have to deal with it.

As the drink progresses, and I get used to the taste, it gets better. Maybe that's the alcohol dulling my senses. Maybe it's effecting me in other ways to. All I know is.. Cammo, I love you, man. You're like the best ever.

Yup, that's the alcohol.



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