Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale

Again, Blue Moon isn't satisfied putting out a beer with a simple name. This one is properly called Coors Brewing Blue Moon Brewing Company's Seasonal Collection Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale. That's a long freaking name. What's worse, it doesn't appropriately describe the beverage itself. They have to write in the description that it's a blonde wheat ale with agave. Really, wouldn't you want to lead with this?

The head is light and effervescent. It dissipates quickly, but it leaves a thin layer behind to guard the top. The color is a deep straw and is very clear. The aroma is grainy - as you might expect - with a bit of malt. There's a hint of floral, but I expected more. I also expected more of a fruity aroma, but I'm not picking any up. What the heck is an agave, anyway? That's right, it's more like a cactus or something.

My first sip is actually pretty good. It's a sweet beer, as you might expect from the agave. It's my understanding that the agave is often used as a sweetener, so it would make sense that the beer would retain that sweetness. At the same time, the lingering finish is grain and malt. To my disappointment  the bubbles do not steeple as I drink, but that's just flourish. Time for a big swig.

The sweetness is still the most prevalent taste. I get a floral taste after the sweetness settles down, and the entire drink experience is actually pretty good. It reminds me of the beer equivalent of a soft drink. It's sweet and yet it has a certain tanginess from the wheat. It's the Sun Drop (in a glass bottle) of beer.

It's not a bad beer, depending on your mood. Right now, it suits the mood I'm in, and I think I'm going to have another.



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