Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

It pours even, a little cloudy, and with a thin head. After all, I had to follow the instructions again. This is the second Shock Top beverage that I have had that gave me instructions for pouring it. I am willing to tolerate such eccentricities from my beloved Guinness, but you really have to give me a damn good reason to make me change my normal pour-down-the-middle technique that I learned from a brewmaster.

The first thing I notice is the aroma. Guess what I smell. Raspberry, silly! In fact, sitting here on my comfy chair, I can sense the raspberry wafting towards me while I write. The problem is that I don't smell any hops or malt. All I smell is raspberry, and I'm seriously afraid I've made a mistake.

Well, carpe diem! (That's YOLO to you internet youngsters)

My first sip is sweet. It's not got a lot to it this side of the raspberry. I mean, I taste just this slight hint of malt, but the rest may as well be raspberry juice. Maybe I just didn't drink enough. Okay, I go in for another one - a proper Irishman's draught this time. Okay, it alters the taste a bit, and it's not unpleasant,  but it has that heavy raspberry, a hint of malt, and what tastes of artificial bubble - maybe like seltzer.

I suppose there may be some other flavor shoehorned in there, if you're going to twist my arm. It has that Shock Top staple of oranges. It's not as overwhelming as I have found it to be in previous shock Top incarnations. It's hardly subtle, but it is overwhelmed with all the raspberries. I'm actually a bit confused as to why this isn't red in color with all the raspberries that had to have gone into it.

I have been keeping something from you. I know - we have this writer/reader bond, and you feel violated by that fact, but it's time for me to come clean. I don't really like raspberries. I mean, it's not like one of them touched me inappropriately as a child or something, and I don't hate them on the same visceral level as broccoli, but I've never really been a fan. Maybe this is tainting my tasting of this beverage. Maybe I'm not giving it a fair shake.

I have three other bottles to drink, and I may update this entry if my opinion changes, but it seems unlikely. I can appreciate the good aspects of this beer - it has a clean finish, it's certainly not bitter, and it isn't even a bad beverage - it's just not a beer. It reminds me of a raspberry version of the apple ale I had. I wish they wouldn't market it as beer.



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