Killian's Irish Stout

I have high hopes. I've liked the drinkability of Killian's Irish Red. However, I'm anticipating disappointment as well. See, I know the story of Killian's Irish Red, and I know that it came from George Killian, who is long dead. So, I would not be surprised if this was just an attempt by someone at Coors to sully the slightly good name of Killian's.

The cap is twist-off, so it's not starting off brilliantly. The aroma is very imperial stout - and that's definitely an issue. I know what Guinness smells like, and I know what Murphy's smells like. This does not smell like those. The head is nice and thick, though, with lots of tiny little bubbles dancing like a terrier trying to get his ball out of a tree. The hue of the head is a bit rose colored, which is odd.

The first sip is... interesting. It is very smokey. I take a deeper draught and taste the chocolatey malt added to the smokey taste. It's a very dry taste with a hint of what I can only think of as coffee. It's definitely better when I take a big draught, but it's not absolutely fantastic.

I really want this to be unbearably great, and it's just not.

Should I tell them that I'm sorry, or should they be telling me?



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