Dundee Pale Bock Lager

Many years ago, I found a double bock and then a triple bock. I drank quite a few before I was tired of the heavy taste. I'm reminded of the beer that my father once told me was the best beer he had ever had. It was when he was in Germany, and he had Riedenburger Weizen-Doppelbock. I've never had that particular beer, but I like to think it's at least got the main feeling of the bocks I have already tried.

In fact, it's probably best that I avoid what he swore was the best beer he ever had. From the reviews that I've read, it is a middle of the road beer. I blame the fact that he was out of the country and young.

This one has never seen Germany, Bavaria, or pretty much anywhere near Europe in general. It pours a very light golden color, and has a light, fluffy head that dissipates very quickly. It smells heavily of malt. Percentage wise, I'm not likely to enjoy a lager, but let's give this a go.

First sip, it's really good. It's sweeter than I remember bocks being; maybe that's why I liked them so much. It's sweet at first, and then it has a sort of flowery center, but it gets sweet again before the end. It's very enjoyable. But, I had to go do something shortly after opening the beer, so I came back to it when it was luke warm. Nope, this is definitely better when it is cold. Drink it cold.

Seriously. Drink it cold - it's very good.



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