The Ides of March

Okay, this movie is about as slow as a Yugo on an on ramp.

The movies protagonist is played by Ryan Gosling, and you never really quite give a crap about him. It's as if he is the same character as he was in Drive, which was intentionally without significant personality. And the cast is augmented with two-dimensional characters, so they don't overshadow our hero.

George Clooney is a Democratic candidate for president, and he appears to be running on what would actually be George Clooney's platform. At one point, we are told that Republicans are allowed to vote in this primary, and they will vote for the other guy (who we really don't see through the movie) because they can beat the other guy, but they're scared of Clooney.

I cannot imagine how much further from center the other guy must be if it was possible that Clooney was the more acceptable alternative for the general election. Not very much to my surprise, it turns out that Clooney wrote is crappy script and directed this crappy movie. And he used his star power to get some decent names in the movie.



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