Cammo's Chocolate Maple Porter

I like Cameron. I like his beer, too. This one took a while, but I understand his operation is a bit small. I mean, brewing three gallons seems almost criminal for some of his beers. We need to get him a big tanker truck or something. Maybe there is a brewpub going out of business somewhere where his talents could be put to proper use.

Enough about Cammo. Let's look at this newest beer.

I expected to be nearly killed by opening the bottle, as his beers tend to have quite a bit of carbonation  He says that the reason the maple was added to this beer was to naturally carbonate it. I was leery about how MUCH carbonation there was going to be, but there was only a slight pfffssst when I opened the bottle. Good start. Then, I poured... there is it.

I didn't even pour as I usually do down the center of the glass (which I've been told is the right way to pour most beers, but I know it is NOT the way to pour a Guinness). But look at that. The head is absolutely, unimaginably massive. I let it go down a bit and pour. I do this a couple of times, and it turns out, I have exactly enough to fill my glass.

Cam explained to me that the beer was dark, and that no light would go through it. I accepted that challenge. I lost that challenge. I put the brightest LED flashlight I had up to it, and it absorbed each and every photon. The head is a very interesting shade of dark red, and I suspect the beer is just really, really, really dark red.

It doesn't have a particularly strong aroma; it's like a gentle wisp of deliciousness. It beckons subtly.

The taste is smokey. I remember having a triple chocolate stout at one point that, it turned out, had actual chocolate added to it. It was revolting, and I feared a similar experience here. Nope, no chocolate was harmed in the making of this beverage. I can, however, detect the hints of maple in there with a bit of sweetness right before the finish.

The finish itself is more complex than the rest of the beverage. At first, the beer has almost no taste whatsoever - it may as well be water. However, the flavor starts to hit mid-drink. It's almost almond tasting; it's definitely nutty. The finish is smokey, then sweet, then smokey, then bitter. As the bitterness wears off on your tongue, and it takes a while, the smoke remnants kind of swirl around.

It's a good beer. Cam only sipped it, and that was his loss, as I found it tastes better when you imbibe a nice big draught.



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