One in the Chamber

What the hell happened to Cuba Gooding Jr? Does he have some kind of issue where he can't tell if a script is worth doing? Dude! You did Jerry Maguire and As Good As it Gets! You have your selection of movies! Did you even try out for War Machine in the Iron Man movies?

Instead, you go for a straight-to-video film co-starring Dolph Lundgren? Look, I like Dolph as much as the next guy, but he's not heavily sought after for his acting chops. When I pick up a Cuba movie, I expect to be impressed with the acting. Are you just trying to break the mold of what people should expect from you?

Oh yea, the movie. Well, it was filled with some bad acting, some mishandling of firearms, and some ambiguous moral choices. It was about what you would expect for a Dolph movie that went straight to video. If you want mindless violence, it'll fit the bill.



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