The Bourne Legacy

I really liked the first Bourne movie. As the series progressed, Matt Damon got older - but in a world with Liam Neeson as an action star, Matt certainly isn't over the hill. For some reason, they decided to use the rapid quick-cuts during every fight scene with the camera moving in and out randomly. It got worse as the series progressed. By the end, every fight was just elbows and feet moving around with sound effects.

Written by a different guy, with a different lead, and a different director, this is more of an off-shoot like The Scorpion King was to the Mummy series. That said, it was better than The Scorpion King. Indeed, it was better than the last Bourne movie. I suspect it was not good enough to have its own sequel, though; even though they set it up to have one.



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