Samuel Adams Noble Pilsner

After the success of the Whitewater IPA from Sam Adams, I figured I would get a stinker. Surprisingly, this was not the case. The Sam Adams Noble Pilsner is a very good beverage. I would sooner have a few more of the IPAs, but it's like saying I would rather have the Ferrari Italia over the McLaren MP4 12c. It was hoppy, but a lot more muted than the IPA, as you might expect. It was a good balance, and I'd gladly have another one if I had the calories to burn.

Now, the biggest gripe I have is about the name. Samuel Adams was an American patriot and one of the founding fathers. If anything would disgust him more than a bad beer, it would be the thought of referring to one of his own beers with a moniker for royalty. I can think of so many other options... I know, some of you are thinking, "Oh, it's named after the noble hops used in this Belgian style pilsner."  To you, I say shut up, know-it-all jerks.

Still, this was a great beer. I mean seriously, this was a great beer.



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