Magic Hat Number 9 Ale

Magic Hat #9 holds a special place in my heart. I've toured the factory and tried all the beers that they made during that season, and #9 was head and shoulders above the others. The thing is: they were all good. And that's what's special about number 9 - it's a great beer even when you compare it to very, very good beers.

I'm going to approach this like I've never seen it before. It will be hard, but I get to drink more of it, so I'll muddle through. The pour is a mostly clear orange-ish gold. It has a good head that dissipates all but a ring around the glass. That'll stick around while you drink. the aroma has a little bit of burned malt, hops, and what I'm pretty sure is apricot. 

First sip is very nice. Lots of that apricot taste in with the malt, and the ale adds a bit of bitterness to offset the sweetness of the others. The result is a well-balanced beverage that begs to be drunk with more verve. The finish may have a bit too much apricot in it. I think it would benefit from more hops, but I'm kind of a hop junkie when it comes to my beers.

A big swig brings more of the same. Honestly, I remember this beer being better; it's possible I just got an off batch, but this beer doesn't match what my mind built it up to be. There's way too much apricot and not enough of the rest of the beer. This is really the opposite of what happens when I drink a Guinness. I always think that a Guinness isn't going to match up to what I remember, but when I get a properly poured draught it is more amazing than I remembered.



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