Quentin Tarantino movies are pretty good, in general. Yes, you're going to have the occasional Jackie Brown, but either volume of Kill Bill surely makes up for it. This one is a good movie. Honestly, I wish he would stop getting in his own way. He's got this fixation with 70's movies, and he tries to make every damn movie an homage to them.

I want to be clear, though, I do NOT need rap/hip-hop in my westerns. I don't need it in my life, and I don't need it jarring me from the enjoyment of a movie with way too much blood and questionable physics in the fight scenes.

I saw an interview where Quentin said he was trying to use this film as a vehicle to bring up the conversation about slavery, as no one is talking about it anymore. Well, I think what he actually brings up is the constant use of the "N" word in culture and movies. It's not hip; it makes some people upset and others uncomfortable. Just stop it, buttmunch.

So, the movie - I remember what this was actually about. It was good. Jamie Fox was very good. The situations they put him in, and the characters he interacts with really add to the racial tension. It's a good movie.



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