Bearded Iris Ever Clever Double IPA

Another Double IPA. I'm not complaining, but it seems strange that there are suddenly so many out there for me to try. For the longest time, the hipsters drove the hop-heavy IPA market, but they seem to have moved to sour beers. Are they also trying Double IPAs? I hope so; I want more.

Do I even have to comment that a Bearded Iris beer looks like fruit juice with carbonation? I mean, they all do, don't they? It's orange, thick, and the head is white without much staying power. The aroma is mango and grapefruit with a dusting of crust. It's formulaic for Bearded Iris, but it's a good formula.

First sip is crisp, but it has quite the after-bite of bitter. The fruits are fresh and all mixed together in a blended fruit punch of tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, and apricots. It's a good enough sip, but it would definitely turn some people off.

Tip-in is the fruit blend, and it has more rind in it than the sip could reveal. It's sweet on the outside - almost sickly sweet. The middle is sweet and bitter at the same time while the various juices flow all around blissfully. The finish is a pall of tartness that lowers slowly, and then a bitter dust cloud envelops the mouth.

Bottom Line: It's got gumpshun, and that'll take you places.



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