Bearded Iris Entangled Saison

As a kind of break from the Bearded Iris IPAs (of which there are SO MANY) is this saison. These are, I understand, supposed to be a kind of laid-back pale ale that can be confused with a summer ale or similar. However, this one has been dry hopped, so it will probably have a stronger taste and bitterness than your average summer ale. Of course, the easiest way to know is to start drinking it.

The pale yellow beer has a suspiciously large head of big, lazy bubbles. The aroma is fruits and yeast above it all. The yeast is wet and like dough that has been baked a little, but it's still in the process of becoming bread, yet the yeast has already started to rise. It's fresh and fairly powerful.

First sip is sharp. It's lemon and a wheat bread dough with that full yeast and the carbonation is a bit too much. It tastes more like a stolid pilsner than a relaxed summer or farmhouse ale.

Tip-in is carbonation burn with lemon zest and maybe a bit of grass. The middle comes with a crisp yet smooth kind of dough with tart fruits and wheatgrass. When the finish comes, a wave of cold bubble burning comes from the carbonation, but bitterness snaps and then fades away.

Bottom Line: Branching out to different styles is hard, but they tied it together a bit with their dry hopping. Not quite enough to be great, but I'll probably have another.



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