Tailgate Southeast IPA

This is my seventh Tailgate beer so far. I think I can make some sweeping statements about Tailgate at this point; they are generally good beers with moderate alcohol content that are not too challenging to the new beer drinker. That said, they all seem to have unique characters that may put some people off. I've tried a bunch of West Coast IPAs, but let's see what a Southeast IPA taste like.

The slightly murky beer is the color of straw with a white head that's sticky enough to leave just a hint of lacing around the sides. The aroma has a bit more malt to it than I would expect from an IPA from the southeast, but it does also have a citrus and floral pine that runs straight through the malt. The should be a good one.

First sip is crisp with a very notable bitter trail off. The flowers are a lot more forward than the citrus, and I can also pick up quite a bit of pine. The malt appears to be having problems taming the hops in this beer, but that's just from a sipping point of view. We don't just sip here; we gulp as god intended.

Tip in is mostly carbonation tingle with a little bit of pine and a hint of bread in the background; it's a very big departure from the sip, that's for sure. The middle is a bit caustic as the pine and flowers and even the citrus seem to attack the mouth with their spiny thorns. At this point, this isn't smooth and this isn't crisp - this is just in-your-face. The finish isn't as bitter as it was in the sip, and that is for the betterment of the entire beer. Instead, it has of little more of a cracker malt mixed with a bit of the citrus hops. The trail off is kind of bitter, but it's certainly manageable.

Bottom Line: Not the best of their beers, but certainly not the worst beer I've had by far. It has character, and that gets you a lot.



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