Bearded Iris Tunnel Vision IPA

These Bearded Iris beers come one after another, don't they? This is yet another IPA, and I have no idea if they have more in them. I have one more of their beers in my fridge, but it's not an IPA, so I figured I would knock out the last IPA and move on to the ... was it a pilsner? I dunno; I guess we'll all find out when I do the next review.

She's just as cloudy and juice-like as her sisters. The nose is a bit more pine and malt, but these guys like their citrus hops, have clearly added some, and so far that has been a winning formula, so don't stop on my account. The head on this one was pretty minimal, and it goes almost completely away while it sits.

First sip is similar to the last one with the citrus, but it has a LOT more wet, doughy bread in there to just make everything a bit more solid, less crisp, and more... I think I already said it was bready, but I'm saying it again. Not sure if this will be better as a swig, but let's not stop trying out of fear.

Tip-in is citrus and that wet dough while carbonation tingle is just lazily dancing on the outside of the tongue. The middle is a mass of the bready dough and light citrus - this is by far the least hoppy of all of the IPAs I've had from these guys, but that doesn't mean it's bad, just different. The finish is very floral, with citrus hanging back to give the back of the throat that familiar "pulp just slid down here" feeling.

Bottom Line: A good beer, but short of a great IPA.



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