Bearded Iris Homestyle IPA

I've had Bearded Iris stuff before, and they are all pretty good (not great), but I for some reason really find myself wanting more of them. Well, good news for Tim, as my local guy got a crap-ton of them in, and I bought a four pack of each new one. I am going to have a good month of reviews.

Another beer that looks like juice, and I am more than okay with it. In fact, I have been looking forward to this familiar look since I got this batch of beers. The head goes down to a thin layer of pulp-like bubbles on top, and the aroma is delightfully sweet and tart citrus hops.

First sip is a little different than expected. It is still the tart citrus, but it has a bit of a floral dusting that puts an extra spin on this sip that is not necessarily bad, but a sip is too jarring to really decide on.

Tip-in is meaty, sweet grapefruit and oranges with moderate carbonation burn. The middle is a wave of tartness with mild bitterness adding to the crescendo of citrus that fills the mouth in a fairly pleasing, not overwhelming manner. The finish is a simple citrus with floral notes and a tangy bitterness trailing off.

Bottom Line: A very good citrus IPA indeed.



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