Old Shed Southern Pale Ale

Fresh from outside of outside of outside of Nashville, Tennessee, this beer claims to be a "Southern Pale Ale." I've been to Tullahoma, and there isn't a whole lot there. The fact that these guys went ahead and brewed a beverage makes me think that it might be a good one, if people outside the area have started packing and shipping it.

The beer has a very slight haze to it, but the amber glow is inviting as the white head dissipates into a sticky but uniform cap. Lacing on the sides is substantial and lovely. The aroma is more malty than I expected, with bread and yeast at the forefront. Hops are sitting there, as casual as they can be, letting you know that they aren't working too hard.

First sip is more malty and smooth, but there is definite hop bite on the back-end. It's an interesting character of the beer to have that bready caramel malt up front and the twang of hoppy bitterness at the end. It's like the profile of a race car - smooth in the front with spiky spoilers and diffusers in back. A sip is good, but a swig is better.

Tip-in is slight caramel malt and heavy carbonation burn. The hops' floral nature kind of rides on the wave toward the back of the throat. The middle is a lot of anger, with the hops and the carbonation scraping the mouth as the malt kind of smoothly flows by with bread and yeast flavors in tow. The finish is a bit abrassive with the hops sending some citrus and flowers at the tongue in the hopes of being a flavor rather than a sensation, but the burn is more memorable than the flavor.

Bottom Line: It's okay, but it's not refined. The flavors fight each other rather than compliment each other.



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