Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

You had me at Hop. Any good IPA has to be very, very hoppy, and this one touts its hop credentials very proudly on the label. It says hop twice, and it appears that they mean it. They say that they even use hop oil, so it's also gt that going for it.

The copious sticky foam sits like a crown atop the deep gold of the beverage. The aroma is predictably hoppy - with floral hops and a distinctly bitter twang to the smell. I think I smell a hint of lemon in there, too, but not much actually makes it past the hops.

A sip brings the bitterness of a teenage child who is sure that his parents don't "get it" when the grounded him for just a couple of joints - I mean what's the big deal, anyways? Jeeze, Dad, I don't need the lecture like this. When I'm 18, I am out of here, and I'll smoke as much weed as I want!

Sorry, I got off on a tangent there... where was I? Yes, I was talking about the sip, and it was very hoppy and bitter. Here's the thing - it is oddly crisp, which I don't normally associate with a hoppy beer.

Tip-in is floral hops and a slight carbonation burn. There is nothing else peeking around it. The floral hops continue toward the middle as they drag leaf ends down the back of the throat. What's that? It may be an orange saying hello right before it's drown in a bitter sea of even more hops. As the finish arrives, guess what? If you said, "More hops?" you were right! All the way to the bitter end, there are hops as far as the eye can see.

Bottom Line: Hops. And then they added more hops. Not very artful, but not a bad hammer to be hit by.



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