Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale

One of the best beers I've ever had was a Stoudt's Brewing Scottish Style Ale. As a result, I've looked for other examples of the style, and it isn't very common here in the states. The results of my search have been pretty disappointing. I ran across some Scotch Ales, and they are NOT what I was looking for, but this is a Scotch Ale, and I think I'm safe. Let's find out.

The color is a very dark reddish brown with a nominal head that winds up as a simple ring around the glass, floating on top of the beer like a pilot fish tagging along on the big, scary shark. The beer smells of sweet and smokey malt. It's not the hit-over-the-head ale aroma I have come to expect, but I'm not sure that's all bad. Only two ways to find out...

First way is a sip. It is tart and smokey. It's really smokey. There's a bit of cherry in there underneath it that seems a bit out of place, but it adds a sweetness to it that kicks out the tart pretty quickly. It's a strange beer, and it doesn't so much taste like an ale. That's probably because I'm not giving it enough of a chance. So, time to try the second way.

Second way is a nice, manly quaff. Tip-in brings a very laid back kind of sweet malt. It's like a good, small Southern restaurant's sweet corn bread. The middle has more of a nutty taste with a hint of molasses as the carbonation tickles the back of the throat. The finish is stronger than the rest of the beer with fruit and some bitter chocolate with liquid smoke just added for the heck of it. It's a very nice beer. It's much better when you drink it faster than as a sip, and I have no problem with that.



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