Captain Phillips (2013)

This was touted as one of the best movies of 2013.
Tom Hanks has won two Academy Awards.
This movie has Navy Seals acting as snipers.

So, yes, you could say I was looking forward to this movie.

Tom is supposed to be from Boston, and he does a mild Bostonian accent for this role. Unlike many other actors, Tom can really do a regional accent well. Furthermore, he has a talent which I would call... acting ability. It more rare than you might expect, with all the Michael Rapaports and Hayden Christensens out there. Here, he plays the captain of a container ship that gets attacked by Somali pirates, and he has to try to save his crew however he can.

Barkhad Abdi plays the captain of the pirate boat. He does a convincing enough job - and he got a nomination for an academy award for best supporting actor. The thing is, he doesn't really actually act a whole lot. He looks frowny at the camera a bit, looks bewildered quite a lot, and has his orders either questioned or ignored constantly (although that last one is a question of the script more than his acting prowess). I'd really have to see him in a different role to see the acting talent that he is supposed to have. Interestingly, I think the big guy who is constantly yelling and questioning his orders did a better job of acting. The character Abdi plays, however is supposed to be central to the plot in the way his relationship forms with Tom's character.

I know that the container ships didn't carry arms, but I'm still unclear on why. I assume it is some control that the ports of origin and destination require or something, but it doesn't make any sense to those of us who live here in the land of the free and the home of the Mossberg.

It makes me wonder what parts of this story were changed for Hollywood. I know it's based on a true story, and I even remember when it happened. After all, it wasn't that long ago. I suppose I could stoop to reading the book, but I don't want to go nuts or anything.

The movie was very good, especially when compared to some of the other movies I've seen recently. I also need to call out what was arguably the best performance in a bit part I think I've ever seen. The nurse at the end of the movie is absolutely fantastic. I mean, seriously, she was magnificent.

Directing was good
Acting was very good
Action.. well, I wouldn't really call it an action movie.
Dialog was a bit sparse
Story was compelling



  1. Just saw this last night. Was pretty much blown away. As you say, you have to wonder what was changed in the movie from what actually happened. Interesting observation on the #2 pirate being the better actor. He was very good. Tom Hanks was awesome as usual, especially at the end in the aftermath. And the nurse. She HAD to be a nurse just doing what she does every day. No one could be THAT good of an actor.

    Another outstanding BFBCPING movie review!


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